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The Art of Intentional Eating (AOE) is a co-lead group by Melissa Elder, LCSW and Annie Goldsmith, RD. AOE offers a ten-week mindful eating course offered several times per year, as well as workshops and a monthly support group for "anti-diet rebels"! 

Deeper Roots Therapy works closely with Second Breakfast Nutrition, with office locations in our suite at Park Road, Charlotte, as well as in Matthews, NC. Annie Goldsmith, RD and Ashley Roehrig, RD are experienced clinicians focused on treating eating disorders utilizing a non-diet, Health at Every Size informed approach and intuitive and mindful eating techniques. 

The Binge Eating Disorder Association is a national, professional organization dedicated to research and treatment for Binge Eating Disorder. Their website provides valuable resources for learning more about evidenced-based treatment options. 

Learn more about the Health At Every Size (HAES)® approach and why it can support and empower recovery from Binge Eating Disorder. 

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